The Brand Honor is owned by Huawei and turns a blind eye, quoting Wikipedia, to the "young and digital natives". With Honor 7A that, as we will see soon, we call it entry-level smartphone, the Chinese house tries to attract a young and dynamic audience with few demands and a limited budget, but without giving up the essentials.

In Our review we are going to analyze this smartphone to see if it actually is of good quality even if the price is low or if it is better to look elsewhere.


Honor 7A is what we could define, without being afraid to fall into error, as a cheap smartphone of entry-level band.

Honor 7Th

What do we mean by entry-level band?

A smartphone is part of the entry-level category when it has essential features to be used.

For example it can be equipped with:

  • A just enough amount of RAM memory;
  • can have a limited internal memory;
  • Usually does not have a good camera, indeed I dare say just enough.

For whom is an entry-level smartphone recommended?

Usually an entry-level smartphone is recommended for those who do not make a great use of the smartphone. I Can recommend an entry-level smartphone to those who use it only to make phone calls, chat, surf the web (maybe not all at once) and rarely take some pictures.

HONOR 7A in Brief

Let's make a summary of what we will see in a more thorough, to meet those who are in a hurry to know what to expect from this smartphone right away.

Just as we said previously, Honor 7A is a cheap, low-end smartphone.

What does it have:

  • Just 2 GB of RAM, in my opinion are few;
  • Only 16 GB of internal memory;
  • Large 5.7-inch display
  • Discreet Camera Department
  • Very good value for money


Honor 7A, as we have repeatedly repeated, is an entry-level smartphone that makes excellent value for money its sharpest weapon.

So It is good to keep in mind this fact when we are going to review the smartphone because every feature must be read and interpreted according to the price.

Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap smartphone and if you want to spend about 100 euros, certainly we should not expect an ultra powerful device and above all it is clear that the price will be the key point of the speech.

That Said let's now analyze the Device in more depth.

Here's what we'll analyze specifically:

  • Pack
  • Materials and design;
  • Display
  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Software
  • Multimedia Department;
  • Autonomy.


The pack of Honor 7A has a wall adaptor inside, a 2.0 micro-USB cable for charging and connecting the smartphone to a PC. It Also has stereo headphones. Nothing New for the Chinese house.



Looking at Honor 7A and touching it you immediately perceive that the quality of the materials is not sought. In Fact, Honor 7A has a matte plastic shell on the back but tries to give a shiny metallic effect.

In this way, even being simply a plastic device, it is certainly not ugly to look at.

On the back of the phone we also find the fingerprint sensor while frontally Honor 7A is provided with a RGB Led notification.

Size and weight

The dimensions are reduced, only 152.4 x 73 x 7.8 mm which, combined with very thin frames, allows you to have a smartphone with a large display in a minimum space.

The weight is normally only 150 grams. Our impression is that Honor 7A is a handy smartphone and comfortable to hold in hand, not too cumbersome, and also pleasing to the eye.

As we have already said in the Premise, these characteristics are to be read according to the price of Honor 7A, we are quite sure that its competitors are made of plastic materials. Indeed, Honor 7A is also aesthetically better than his opponents in the same price range.


Honor 7A, as we said earlier, thanks to the minimised edges allows you to enjoy a large display without however having measurements of excessive height and width.

Display Features

This Chinese smartphone has in fact a large Display from well 5.7 inches diagonal, with ratio 18:9. HD Resolution 720 x 1440 Pixels and density of 282 ppi.

The screen of this smartphone allows You to enjoy a good visual experience. But under the sunlight suffers a little because of the brightness of the Display is not very high.

As we have already said and repeated, we have to read these characteristics in relation to the proposed price and I am sure that proposing something better than this would have been really difficult to do.

One last feature to be reckoned with is the gestures. I'll mention a few very useful as the double tap for turning on the screen or as the ability to make a screenshot scrolling with three fingers on it.


Good technical specifications for an entry-level

Honor 7A mounts the excellent and well tested SoC Octa core Snapdra
gon 430. In everyday use it behaves discreetly well, does not heat too much and guarantees sufficient performance for a basic use.

Entry level: not suitable for gaming

The supplied GPU is the Adreno 505. Generally not a great and certainly not suitable for video games, for this, if you are a gamer or however you like to play with your smartphone, better opt on other, maybe higher-end.

RAM and Internal memory

The RAM is 2GB while the internal memory is 16 GB. Inevitably, however, because of the installed operating system (and that can not be done without) the internal usable memory is just 10 GB.

This configuration I think is enough if you do a reasoned and intelligent use of the smartphone, otherwise you will find very bad.

Finally, Honor 7A gives the possibility to expand the internal memory via micro SD. Very Useful The presence of the latter because the 10 GB of internal memory would be occupied quickly by the few apps. Fortunately you can mount the micro SD without losing the ability to use the Dual Sim slot.

I Think that the hardware mounted is just enough for a basic use of the phone, you could certainly do better, only the price justifies this little quality.


From the standpoint of Honor 7A connectivity performs well. To be always connected, this smartphone features the 4G LTE module that allows data transfer and excellent internet browsing. It Has good Wi-Fi reception and GPS so you are always connected.


Now Let's talk about the operating system and interface I/O smartphone entry level Honor 7A. The pre-installed operating system is Android Oreo 8.0 assisted by the highly tested EMIUI 8.0.

Basically it is identical in all and for all to the other interfaces Honor/Huawei. Simple, clean and intuitive.

As far as we know the fact of having installed the same software of the top of the range may have affected the stability and fluidity of the system, making it slower and more agile.


Camera more than from entry level

Frankly, given the price and the fact that the room department is perhaps the only drawback of Honor devices, I expected worse.

The day shots come pretty well, with good quality and a good amount of detail with both rear and front camera.
The problem arises at night, when the sensors are more difficult to capture the light, just deceased quality but in line with its competitors in the same price range.

Technical specifications of the camera

The LED Flash is present, there is only one 13MP sensor with F/2.2 focal aperture, autofocus, touch focus, panorama and auto-HDR. The videos are recorded in Full HD at 30 fps, with a quick focus. The front camera is 8MP with the appreciated presence of flash smart with 3 levels of intensity. Also in this case, video shot in FHD at 30 fps.


The supplied battery is of 3000 mAh, it allows a long life, at least until the end of the day, as long as it makes a normal use.
An intense use of this smartphone does not guarantee to arrive in the evening with the phone still alive, since, as we have already stated before, the software does not turn very well and heats a lot.

Overall, being an entry level smartphone, it is not to throw away such autonomy, you could do better, making more accurate choices on hardware side and software side, but for the average user can fit.



Summary Technical Features
Operating System Android 8.0 EMUI 8.0 Oreo
Size 152.4 x 73, 7.8 mm
Weight 150 grams
Dual Sim Yes
Connectivity 4G LTE
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
Number of Cores Octa-Core
RAM and Internal memory 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM
Display 5.7 inch 720 x 1440 pixels
Camera 13 Mp + 8 Mp Internal
Video 30 Fps Full HD
Battery 3000 mAh



  • Packing: 6
  • Hardware: 7.5
  • Display: 6.5
  • Software: 6.5
  • Camera: 6.5 
  • Battery: 7.5
  • Price: 9


Let's do a brief summary of the pros and cons of the entry level Honor smartphone 7A

Hardware Display
Price Camera


Honor 7A is a smartphone that is part of an established brand and known as Honor and that costs less than 100 euros. The main purpose of which is to accompany the user during the day. It is always ready to answer phone calls, messages, emails and it also allows to perform some activities more expensive at the performance level. That's why at this price Honor 7A is definitely a Device to be taken seriously due to its excellent value for money.

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