If you have come across this post you must definitely be desperate for a product that can minimize those imperfections that prevent you from making the most of your skin. I'M sure your only thought right now is about hiding the pimples! Do not despair, at all there is remedy and this article is just what is right for you!  

Of Course you know too well that this is not a site to learn magic formulas. You also Know very well that that pimple just popped on your forehead will not go away saying a simple "abracadabra" before the fantastic evening that you organized with your/your lover, or a missed event. 

But I Can help you, talking about the many products used on my own skin and what are the most effective methods, to ensure that no one notices that boss! 

Let's see now how to proceed, but first you need to make some assumptions: 


Pimples are a common dermatological manifestation characterized by the formation of small red skin reliefs containing pus, serum or fatty matter (sebum).

They are mainly formed on:

  • Face
  • on the neck;
  • on the chest;
  • On his back;
  • On his shoulders;

They Are the most typical signs of acne, a dermatological condition that appears in the points of the body where is present the majority of the sebaceous glands and at the mouth of the hairs. 

What are the causes of pimples? 

Pimples and acne can be determined by multiple causes, possibly concomitant:

  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Excess production of sebum;
  • The accumulation of bacteria;
  • Psychological stress;
  • Even the same smog. 

Usually the juvenile manifestation is linked to hormonal factors, while in more advanced age The stress plays a preponderant role. 

Even today the mechanisms that lead to the formation of pimples and acne are not entirely clear. Generally, there is a hypersensitivity of the follicles to the various stimuli leading to the inflammation and proliferation of the bacteria. 

Acne Often tends to disappear spontaneously, other times it is a persistent and disturbing manifestation

To know the cause and prevent the onset of acne pimples
or other imperfections it is always advisable to consult a specialist. 

How can I prevent pimples?

The prevention of pimples and acne is carried out by washing the skin with non-foaming detergents. 

It Is necessary to avoid applying too greasy creams on the face and trunk including sunscreen and to follow a proper diet. 

Finally, It is necessary to use specific creams for your skin type. 


Another premise that I would like to do is to tell you that it will certainly not be an imperfection to ruin your evening! Perfection does not exist, the important thing is to be oneself.  

In any case, if you think this little "unwanted guest" can compromise your evening, I have some advice to give you on how to hide the pimples! So Here's the things to do: 

Here's what to do to not jeopardize your evening

First of all, you have to understand in what condition your pimple is, to understand it we must watch it carefully and see how it shows.

Can present itself as:

  • An Immature pimple (there is a ledge and to the touch hurts, but you do not see the tip);
  • It Can be a Ripe Pimple (the white tip you see, all right!);
  • or simply panic-free, without following my advice, you've already put your hands on your pimple and you've combined a disaster! (In the hope that you have previously disinfected the area of the face and hands).

In The latter case, lucky for you, perhaps there is still a hope that we will see in the last part of the article. 

In any case, if you find yourself in THE first two descriptions DO not TOUCH the PIMPLE ABSOLUTELY! Leave it there as it is, it will make its natural path and will go away not leaving you stains in a couple of days. 


Let's list below the guidelines on how to hide the pimples
  1. Clean and disinfect the area on which the imperfection is located.

Before Applying cosmetic products It is necessary to clean with a facial cleanser the area and if possible disinfect with a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide. 

2. Use a non-greasy moisturizer 

Preferably based on salicylic acid or clay. 



3. The Primer is Absolutely indispensable. 

My advice is to withdraw the product directly with a small brush, which you will use exclusively for the area where the pimple is located, and tap the primer on the area. 

Then Use the primer on the rest of the face with your fingers, with a moistened sponge or another brush. 


As cheaper alternatives but both satisfactory you point out: 

All about Matt by ESSENCE 


Angel Veil Primer by NYX

4. Proceed with the base. 

Take a little bit of foundation with the brush you used previously for the primer and pat it on the ledge. Without laying it down, but patting it.  

For The best Opaque foundation click on the link

5. Time to go to the CONCEALER! 

Be very careful however to the hue: if you use a more dark or lighter concealer of the foundation, instead of hiding it, the pimple will stand out immediately to the eyes. 

If you notice that the color does not correspond to that of the foundation is better to skip this step and tap with a little ' more foundation on the pimple. 

My best friend in this venture is The Lock-it concealer crème by KAT VON D (on Sephora at 27.90 euros). 




This Is the magic formula to make sure that the makeup does not fade in the middle of the evening!

First, always pick up the powder with the same brush and always tap on the same area, making a small baking that you remove at the end of the makeup with a brush bristles wide.

Baking is a highly used technique, famous thanks to its greatest advocate Nicole Kardashian.

This technique allows you to fix the makeup by applying the powder in large quantities on an area and leaving it "bake" for a few minutes, the time to finish the make-up. The excess is then eliminated with a soft brush. 

7. Last Step 

Use more bright tones for your make-up on areas opposite to imperfection. If the pimple is on the top of the face it darers with a nice red lipstick! Or have fun making a smokey with eye shadows from the liveliest tones if the pimple is in the lower part of the face. 

What to do after you have crushed a pimple? 

Now let's go to the case of who, instead, trying to solve the situation has "squeezed" the pimple. 

If you could not keep yourself and instead of improving, the situation has only deteriorated, before you get caught by a panic crisis follow these tips! 

Small premise

It is necessary to make a small premise: it is always discouraged to use cosmetics on an infection or a particularly sensitive area of the skin. It is advisable to apply products suitable for this type of needs or to leave the skin free to breathe. 

Many times, however, I found myself in the situation where, after "squeezed" a pimple, I used cosmetics on the inflamed part to try to cover the damage! 

If you are in this situation I suggest you little tricks to do before applying a cosmetic product, and you will see that your skin will thank you! 

  • First of all it is absolutely necessary to DISINFECT the area 

As you can see, after ejecting the pus remains a wound that must be disinfected. Apply hydrogen peroxide before proceeding to the other phases. 

Be very careful

A crushed pimple is tantamount to an open wound, so a ointing or solution favors the healing process. An excellent Gel product for the local treatment of acne that reduces pimples and blackheads is the Benzac, available at the pharmacy at a price of about 16-18 euros. 

After cleaning the face, apply and massage a small amount of product until completely absorbed. 

For the swelling instead take from the freezer an ice cube and wrap it in a clean cloth. Leave it for a few minutes on the affected area. 

  •  DRIES the crushed pimple 

It Is important that the redness and inflammation attenuate before proceeding with make-up, so I suggest you use some natural products to mitigate the inflammation due to the breakage of the pimple. These products must contain ALOE VERA or TEA TREE OIL. 


Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing plant, useful for the immune defenses, to protect and repair tissues and against rheumatologic diseases of autoimmune origin.  

The cicatrizing and Reepitelizing properties of aloe are due to the presence of polysaccharides derived from mannose (Glucomannani)

These elements stimulate the activity of macrophages, potentiate, the synthesis of collagen, increase cellular regeneration, thus improving the lubrication of cartilages and joints.

Moreover, among the polysaccharides, the Acemannan, it was found to have immunomodulating properties, i.e. able to regulate the immune responses to infectious or sensitizing agents. 


Tea tree oil is the essential oil extracted from the plant of Melaleuca, one of the most potent, by virtue of the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungine action at a very wide spectrum.


Anti-Inflammatory: Not irritating, tea tree oil is recommended for local use on particularly delicate areas.   

In This regard you mark the GREASE LIGHTNING, best-known as BILL's PIMPLE OF LUSH, Rosemary-based infusion, thyme and tea tree to fight microbes and bacteria, grape juice rich in antioxidants, and witch hazel for its astringent, soothing effects and its Efficacy against reddening. 

(10.50 euros for 45 grams) 
  • Cover the pimple with a patch 

Until It's time to proceed with the make-up keep the wound away from possible external bacteria, covering it with a band-aid. In this way it will dry faster and not seeing it you'll avoid getting your hands and making things worse! 

  • Proceed with make-up, retracing the initial 7 steps 

Here you are the best tricks to cover the pimples, after years of experience! I'M sure you won't have any doubts about hiding the pimples now. Do not underestimate the premises and good luck! 

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